Government Eleni Kosta is the town’s varoni.
Population 1406 (mostly humans, some halfling and dwarves)
Exports Food, Lumber
Imports Copper

A farming village located along the Hydra River, south of the Tunnelwood. Several hours north is the Nasso Sawmill.

Hungry Hydra
A tavern located by the Hydra River. It is popular for visitors stopping on the way from both Argos and Copper Cairns. Ioram, the owner, is a retired captain from Delos.

Singing Satyr
An inn that caters to travelers, particularly performers. It is owned by Silenos.

The Alchemist
Eleftherios moved from Argos several years ago in order to better study the ankhegs and giant spiders living in the Tunnelwood. He has a standing offer to reward anyone that can bring back an ankheg corpse.

Recent History

The previous ruler, Silas Kosta, was killed by a group of bandits on his return from a trip to Argos. His daughter, Eleni Kosta, is the newly appointed varoni of Sidon by right of heritage.

She has placed a bounty of 10 gold pieces per head.


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